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Gold prices today .. and the 21 caliber settle at 631 pounds per gram

    Gold prices settled in trading on Thursday 19-10-2017, to record the 21 caliber at 631 pounds in the market of goldsmith until the writing of the next report, after the total decline in the price of gold in Egypt 7 pounds over two days.

    Gold prices in a week

    Gold prices fell markedly on Tuesday, under pressure from the dollar, but concerns over geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula limited losses, but the dollar's return to gold led to a fresh drop in the price of the ounce near $ 9 in spot trade Its time.

    Evolution of the price of gold:
    The seventh day follows the immediate developments of the Egyptian and international gold market and provides a service for its readers and followers with a periodic and immediate update to obtain the prices of all the different prices in the gold market in Egypt. The prices of gold in Egypt are subject to supply and demand, and also change with the rise or fall in the global market, Directly in dollar prices in the market parallel to the dollar and the banking market.

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